About Us

It is the government efforts to invest power at the core level, these efforts result in the creation of Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) chitral. TMA chitral’s main objective is to provide basic civic services and infrastructure to the people, implement schemes and monitor project cycle

hard to provide the people a life full of facilities. management of development initiatives. About 94 employees and counting, work hard to provide the people a life full of facilities.


Our vision is a safer world through professional monitoring, to make chitral a better place by providing services to the best of our abilities. Our mission is to promote and advance premiere professional monitoring to our consumers and first responders through education, advocacy, and the creation of standards.  TMA chitral not only focuses on the facilities provided by them but also plan to extend their mission by providing more services and more comfort to the people of chitral. This vision not only facilitate the people of chitral but it will also create more job opportunities for them, hence giving chitral a bigger and brighter future. We are plaining to build more libraries and create more education resources. We also focus on providing the people a cleaner society.

At TMA chitral, we insure to provide not only quality work but reliable work, we give our clients a peace of mind.


Here at TMA chitral our mission is to provide the people a life full of facilities to the best of our abilities. We provide

  • Basic services and infrastructure to the people
  • Implement and monitor development initiatives.
  • A library to benefit the general public
  • Service delivery in sanitation
  • Solid waste management
  • Water supply, control and development of water resources
  • Treatment or disposal of Sewerages
  • Road and streets are maintained
  • Traffic planning, engineering and management including traffic signaling system, sign on roads, street markings, parking places, transport stations stops, stands and terminals.
  • Fire fighter
  • Parks, play grounds, open spaces and Slaughter houses.

To create and maintain a work environment conducive to intellectual growth, physical-mental wellbeing and prosperity of all members of the organization.

Our worth

Up till now all the work we did for the public we have never let them down. TMA chitral provide them with quality, reliable and timelessness work. We promise the public a peace of mind. Our services are achieved by minimal overall development cost. Managerial and operational flexibility!

Organizational Structure of TMA Chitral

TextTMA Chitral, like other TMAs, consists of a Tehsil Nazim, Naib Nazim, Tehsil council, Tehsil Municipal Officer, Tehsil Officers and officers of other offices entrusted to TMA. Elected Nazim and Naib Nazim headed each Ward, Tehsil and district government and there are political linkages between three tires. These elected bodies ensure that planning and development is carried out in accordance with local needs. They also monitor the functioning of local administration. Civil servants are thus accountable to the elected representatives, who are in turn accountable to the public at the local level.

Duties and Responsibilities
Naib Nazim

He is the custodian of the Tehsil Council consisting of members from wards in the Tehsil. He has his own office and separate budget allocation. He is the custodian of functions and powers of the Tehsil Council, conduct its meetings for approval of different laws and regulations necessarily required for carrying out the affairs of the TMA.

Tehsil Municipal Officer
TMO is an administrative head of TMA and principal accounting Officer. He is coordinating officer in-charge of the following officers
Tehsil Nazim

Head the TMA and exercises such functions and powers as have been assigned the LGA 2013. He is responsible to ensure that the operations of TMA are carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Act and the laws relating to the municipal services for the time being in force.

Tehsil Officer Finance TOF
General Responsibilities: The TOF is senior level position requiring proven administrative skills and sound knowledge of financial and accounting methods. Being senior,experiences and professional officer, he is responsible to Tehsil Nazim through TMO, who is principal accounting officer in the TMA for day-to-day planning, accounting, budgetary and resource management functions. Experience in financial reporting and sound knowledge of accounting is the desirable qualification for this post. Specific Responsibilities: 

  • Computerization of accounts

  • Cash planning 

  • Ensure transfer of funds to the spending units 

  • Pursuing and receiving grants

  •  Cash flow management 

  • Preparing cash flow projections

  •  Identifying need for additional funds  

  • Dealing with donors 

  • Implement financial management policies and procedures

  •   Propose Tehsil Nazim measures necessary for curtailing expenditure 

  •  Preparing financial plans 

  • Comparison of performance with budget 

  • Supervision and preparation of budget re-appropriate requests and presentation to management for approval. Preparation and processing of revised budget documents 

  •  Commentary on budgetary performance  Financial projections 

  • Monitoring compliance with regulatory requirements

  •  Recommendation on changes in accounting systems to meet enlarged scope of operations for improved overall performance 

  • Ensuring maintenance of accounting record 

  • Financial Appraisal of subprojects 

  • Store accounting 

  • Revenue management  Financial advice(s) to the Tehsil NazimCouncil.

Tehsil Officer Infrastructure & Services (TOI)
TOI looks after construction and maintenance of water supply, sewerage, drains, sanitation, roads other than provincial and district roads, street and street light, fire fighting and parks services.
Tehsil Officer Regulation TOR
TOR is responsible for licensing, management of municipal lands, estate properties, facilities and enterprise and enforcement of relevant municipal laws, rules and bye-laws.